“A glamorous home is about having an air of allure, adventure, romance and excitement.” - Massimo Speroni

Designer Profile - Massimo Speroni

When Milan Interior Designer Massimo Speroni approached Exhibit Interiors to transform a French-inspired two-story, four bedroom and four bathroom property in Malvern into a glamorous retreat, we were thrilled to be a part of a project that included bursts of colour and ‘Old Hollywood Glamour’. This week, we talked to Massimo about the vision and how the home came to life.

What was your brief from the client?

When the clients purchased this two-storey, four-bedroom and four-bathroom property with today’s modern luxuries, they wanted to inject their personal stamp on it. Although the property had a grand and imposing street presence, the interiors of this French inspired home were left bland with a monochromatic colour scheme. The clients’ brief was to inject colour, glamour and a wow factor in making their new home come to life. 

I knew that I had carefully consider the design and what type of fabrics to select for the family area as they had two young toddlers. They also owned some impressive artworks and they asked me if I could consider them in the new design.

How did you respond to the brief?

The inspiration and direction for the design was the “old Hollywood Glamour” injected with bursts of colour and being audaciously bold - it was clear to me that this style would have suited the client’s brief. The popular 1930s Hollywood Regency style, combined with elaborate, ornate Neo-Classical elements and modernism was utilised throughout the house with a contemporary spin.

What were the pieces that you selected from the Exhibit Interiors range?

For the lounge, I used the Kayoh side table and White vase. One the blue desk and dining table, I used Fornasetti Candles and on the console, I used the clear Palle Vase. I also used the beautiful Majestic Goblets to accent the outdoor space, along with the Ashiko Stool, and Quattro Vase.

What are your top 3 tips for creating a colorful and glamorous home?

A glamorous home is about having an air of allure, adventure, romance and excitement. Luxurious fabrics and trims can add an aura of luxury to a space, such as sumptuous silk panels in a dining room or a bedroom with full opulent curtains. Glamorous can also be sophisticated and elegant, handsome and bold. Glamorous stands out. Glamorous pulls you in. It’s about being both desirable and unattainable at the same time.


Massimo Interiors’ Top 3 Tips for Creating a Glamorous Home:

 1)  Mirrors are essential when creating a glamorous look. 

Use a variety of mirrors in all shapes and sizes. An accent piece, rather than a large piece of furniture is a simple way to add glam without a huge investment or commitment. Things with a reflective quality up the level of glamour in your home, like a mirrored side table, or coffee table. Shop Exhibit Mirrors here.

2) A chandelier will make a room feel luxurious and expensive. 

Focus on your personal style, as you can choose a classic in crystal or whimsical with coloured beads or my absolute favourite - a 1950’s Italian Murano glass pendant for a vintage “old glam” atmosphere. The choices are endless, and the sizes range from powder-room petite to jaw dropping gigantic. Shop Chandeliers here.

3) Colours can be glamorous. 

You always need a starting point, an inspiration, which goes beyond paint chips. I like to inject a bit of surprise in my colour schemes or if you don’t have an eye for it, find a fabric or art with an interesting mix of colours and use that as your guide. As different colours, tones, and saturations will naturally lend themselves to a certain persona, decide first what mood you want the room to embody. Think about the big picture to give a home flow. Weave the same colours throughout main spaces, but make the dominant colour in one room an accent in another. Have fun with it! 

Finally, what do you love about working with Exhibit Interiors? 

I certainly love the variety of products and international brands they carry, the friendly and approachable staff and most importantly, I really appreciate how accommodating they have been during difficult times when dealing with tight deadlines. They have been very supportive and we have developed a trusting relationship over the years where, the accessories and furnishing supplied for styling my projects have helped my clients visualise a complete edited-look of their homes down to the last ornament.

Interior Designer: Massimo Speroni of Massimo Interiors

Image Credit: Stu Morley