It’s contemporary, it’s chic and it’s totally out of the ordinary- its Exhibit’s fantastic new collection of Janice Minor products.

As an established Filipino designer, Janice Minor is renowned for her high-end furniture and home accessories brand. Minor has pioneered in the sourcing, processing and innovation of materials for use in furniture design. Her earthy inspirations of flora and fauna present a natural beauty in each piece of the collection.

Her Filipino heritage not only brings a cultural creativity to her design, but it also shows in the quality and craftsmanship of each piece. The details and textures displayed by each item are intricate and complex.

A mirror, inspired by a Porcupine, is most definitely the feature of the collection. Hand-painted to mimic the prickly quills of a porcupine, the Mirror houses a solid timber frame with black and gold surroundings. With wooden spikes protruding from all sides of the reflective wall piece, its presence in any room is uplifting and inspirational.

Equally, the Shell mirror’s use of materials and patterned construction is totally unique. The juxtaposition of brass tones with a rich creamy overlay creates a warm essence that resonates from the spectacular mirror. With a diameter of 140cm the mirror is great in both size and presence.

Also notable is Minor’s combination of design and lighting. Her Fiesta floor lamp resembles a nostalgic disco ball that emits a generous amount of light. Similarly, the Mirage pendant continues Minor’s theme of patterned materials in a symmetric grid form. Black lip shells and flat mirrors are tiled across the pendant’s shade to embrace reflective colours. Janice Minor’s detailed collection can now be found in store or online at Exhibit.