Australia design and art is making news overseas with the higher profile of several architecture and interior design awards, and London's Royal Academy retrospective of Australian art.

In big cities like Melbourne, distinctive design styles are emerging–this article celebrates the young interior designers who are creating a recognisable Australian identity that is highly exportable. Read on to see who's hot, who's breaking boundaries and who you should be watching in 2013.

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Yellowtrace was founded by former senior architectural partner Dana after she decided to leave her day job and start up a-in her own words-boutique design firm. Yellowtrace is the result of an award-winning interior designer giving full freedom to her creativity and the result is spectacular.

The Sydney-based designer specialises in sleek functional social spaces with an emphasis on fantastic furniture. Yellowtrace is not only an interior design firm, but one of the most read blogs in the Australian interior design blogosphere. A quick look through the post category reveals that this design collective are on top of every conversation in interior design and architecture.

Genesin Studio

Winner of the Emerging Talent Award at the Australian Interior Design Award 2013, this practice headed up by design talent Ryan Genesin, has turned plenty of heads on the Australian interior design scene. With calling cards of clean, peaceful geometric prints (now is a good time for finding Australian abstract art for sale, by the way), slabs of decadent yet grown-up marble juxtaposed with wood panelling, this is a design agency that has very much come of age. We can't wait to see what their next commission will be.

Alison Pye Interiors

The retiring interior designer does not court publicity for her work. Her projects, such as the beautiful palette of yellows and purples used at Park House, speak loud and clear for themselves. Her design aesthetic has been praised its “softness" and “liveability".
She is regarded as being someone who works independently of design trends, something that potential commission clients will be looking for in a sound investment.

Zwei Interiors

The powerful furnace-like look of the Code Black coffee establishment in Melbourne impressed many in the design community. The brief was to create a coffeehouse that looked and felt like an authority on coffee.
The design firm definitely succeeded here, and dark coffee bean-hued walls and a roasting oven right in the middle of the establishment are the envy of coffeehouse proprietors around the world. It is a far cry from the abstract art adorned walls of the traditional coffeehouse.
Australian designers are proud of their individuality, drawing on diverse styles and being unafraid to take chances with their commissions. Here's hoping to see more high-profile work in the future and seeing some young Australian designers gain international commissions for important public buildings.

Do you have a favourite interior from this piece? Or know of a young designer that we should be championing? Leave a comment below and tell us what you personally think is fantastic about contemporary Australian interior design.