Exhibit’s latest collection is a decorative tableware range that juxtaposes the Orientalism of the East and the Occidentalism of the West. Inspired by the historical production of Chinese and European Bone China, the Hybrid collection combines a vibrant display of colours and cultures.

Designed by CtrlZak, the multidisciplinary collection offers a unique contrast between Western and Eastern aesthetics. Each Hybrid piece is handmade combining two designs to create a hybrid. Each hybrid is assembled with the intent to draw attention to the cultural oppositions of the East and the West. 

Produced in Tangshan, the renowned “capital of Bone China,” each hybrid piece not only encapsulates the complexities of hybridity but also the quality of Bone china. As a specialised type of porcelain, Bone china is composed of bone ash, feldspathic material and kaolin. Renowned for its high levels of whiteness and translucency, Bone china is both chip resistant and mechanically thorough.

The Bone china collection comprises a variety of popular tableware products such as plates, bowls and cups. Each object juxtaposes a new set of motifs, with no two pieces featuring the same design. The complexity of each hybrid is also symbolised by contrasting differently-sized edges.