For the first time in Fornasetti's history they have developed their own home fragrance collection - Fornasetti Profumi. 'Otto' is their signature scent that was created by the master perfumer Olivier Polge, working in close collaboration with Barnaba Fornasetti. He captured the essence of Fornasetti by exploring the olfactory character of the family house and gardens, registering significant herbs and the woods of the interior. In the final scent, notes of thyme, lavender, orris and cedarwood evoke personal connotations of Fornasetti's graphic poetry.

The candles used to resonate this scent are a 100 per cent vegetal wax recipe created under the manufacturing arm of historic French candle maker Maison de Cire Trudon (CIR). Trudon was a wax merchant who supplied his customers with candles for lighting their homes and their parish in 1643. The Trudon Company established a long-standing history of creating vegetal wax candles, surviving the arrival of domestic lighting and the birth of the ‘electronic revolution,’ which continues to prosper. Some of their clients include the greatest French and International brands- Hermes, Cartier, Dior and so forth.

The scented candles are designed for use within Fornasetti’s scenting devices. The Profumi Scent Spheres are shaped like a ball with supporting legs and are a quirky alternative to traditional candleholders. Available in red or white, each Fornasetti Scent Sphere displays a different decoration. The white Scent Spheres feature the enigmatic face of a woman: the opera singer, Lina Cavalieri. Her face is one of Fornasetti’s characteristic designs, which features different expressions and effects on each object. 

Lina Cavalieri’s face is also featured on a number of scented candle holders within the Profumi collection. Available in two sizes, the smaller candle holders come complete with a lid to disguise the intended use of the object. Together the candle holders make up a desirable group of iconic objects and decorative pieces that are at once collectable and covetous.

Furthermore, the inclusion of printed incense boxes has introduced a new object of decoration. The incense boxes display iconic Fornasetti prints with dashes of colour throughout. They are designed for a clearly defined purpose, but can also be re-used for alternative applications.

The contemporary disposition of the Profumi Collection highlights a notable transition in Fornasetti’s design and focus. Fornasetti have built their design focus and branding based on Piero Fornasetti’s memorable declaration:  ‘I refuse to establish the value of things based on time.’ Their creations have always been designed to represent timelessness and classic style, but their latest innovations serve to introduce the wonderland of Fornasetti design to an ever-wider audience.

Fornasetti’s latest collection of decorative accessories juxtaposes their historic imagery with contemporary objects. All of the iconic pieces within the Fornasetti Profumi Collection can be found this month in store or online at Exhibit Interiors.