Centuries-old artistry combined with modern techniques – introducing Elmo

Giordano Caldarini, the head designer behind Elmo’s new collection, was drawn to the company by his common passion for wood and furniture.Born in 1977, Caldarini graduated in Industrial Design at La Sapiensa University in Rome. He later moved to London where he worked in several design studios and completed several internships. Caldarini was then introduced to the director of Elmo, William Chiang, where they shared a similar vision to transform the brand and focus on contemporary tastes and needs.

Elmo furniture infuses both innovation and tradition. The craftsmen salvage and restore Elm wood from ancient buildings, which is carefully selected for its strength, appearance and moisture level. They are dedicated to producing high quality and handcrafted wood furniture, blending centuries-old artistry with modern construction techniques. The elm wood is gently sanded and treated to ensure colour is uniform and the shapes work within each design. No chemical finishing or varnishes are used in the process, as the company believe the wood is more beautiful in all its natural simplicity.

This collaboration has now expanded into other wood stocks and construction techniques, allowing them to continuously improve in providing the best solid wood furniture. The Elmo craftsmen continuously innovate with tools, experiment with different materials and maintain facilities that will best protect the pieces before they reach their new home.

These simple and modern designs have been celebrated on a world wide scale. Furniture China is recognised as one of the pinnacle furniture exhibitions in the world, with over 292 companies participating as exhibitors and 85, 313 public visitors. In 2013, the team at Elmo were celebrated for their innovative designs with two awards; gold in the home decoration category and silver in home studio and office. The LOLA rocking chair was an exhibition favourite and branded as a “simple and chic addition to any modern day home office or study”, and the RANDY floor lamp inspired the public with its unique and quirky woodwork.

Elmo’s natural product range has recently made its way to our shores and is available this month in store and online exclusively to Exhibit Interiors.

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