Exhibit’s new Efex Collection marks the trend towards minimalism and sleek organization.  The new collection exudes the paired back aesthetics of classic mid-century design, coupled with the finish and scale of contemporary technologies. 

The collection’s feature piece is the enviable Nexia Bookshelf. Made from American Walnut Veneer, it is designed in a traditional three by three grid layout, but each grid is a different size adding a contemporary flavour to the conventional template.  The dimensions of the shelf are generous and will more than equip an avid reader.

The partner to the bookshelf is the Nexia TV unit that is also made from American Walnut Veneer. It houses three columns with generous storage space and has an open design to create the illusion of spaciousness. The width is lavish and would accompany any digital television comfortably.

Paired alongside the two storage units, are the collection’s feature chairs Yale and Princeton. Thoughtfully named after the Ivy League schools, the chairs represent the importance of style and sophistication coupled with knowledge and comfort. The two chairs are suitable for the office or dining room, as individual pieces or collective items.  

Exhibit’s trend towards more traditional designs allows a broad scope of decoration and embellishment potentials. Too often décor items are over-the-top or excessive, limiting the buyer to only a small range of interior decorating possibilities. Exhibit makes a conscious effort to combine traditional designs with quirky accessories to ensure each collection hosts a range of ideas.