Beyond the immense tragedy of Thailand’s natural disaster, the country’s recent floods have also had a profound impact on the operation of many local businesses.  Renowned for producing some of the world’s finest craftsmanship, Thailand relies heavily on natural resources to produce local trade.

Corner 43 Décor have been working among the madness in the country’s capital, Bangkok, specialising in luxury furnishings and home accessories. With over 25 years of experience, Corner 43’s repertoire includes work in Hua Hin Hills Vineyard, Angkor Village Hotel and Resort in Cambodia and KPMG’S Phoomchai Office. And like many other local companies, Corner 43 creates their décor from locally sourced materials.

They use registered and certified Rattan groves to create all of their luxury furnishings. Their use of Rattan instead of wood is considered more eco-friendly since its economic value helps protect Thailand’s forest land.

Rattan grows in abundance in South-East Asia, so fortunately for Corner 43 their operation has not been heavily impacted by the nation’s flooding. And despite their devastating surroundings, Corner 43 has continued to exemplify Thailand’s hardworking nature, providing inspiration and hope to those people who have lost everything.   

Their team consists of some of Thailand’s leading designers topped by the highly acclaimed Jitrin Jinaprecha. Jitrin has received over 15 awards, and exhibited in over 20 international shows, including the distinguished Milan Furniture Fair. Jitrin’s visionary work combined with Corner 43’s expertise creates a unique and assertive design direction. 

Together with Jitrin, Corner 43 has employed two graduates from KMITL. The two young designers Apirat Boonruangthaworn and Thirawat Kunnawutrittiron have both received notable design accolades collectively receiving over 20 recognition awards. Corner 43 believe it is important to support young talent and are excited to be working with the ‘designers of tomorrow.’ 

With the floods behind them and fresh faces working on their design, Corner 43 décor is about to make its way into Australia, and will be available at Exhibit Interiors in both Melbourne and Sydney from April, 2012.