Reed Gift Fairs, one of Australia’s most respected interior trade shows kicked off a new chapter this year by introducing their new The Retail Quarter, highlighting the latest trends emerging in design this year. Exhibit Interiors was lucky enough to attend the fair and learn about the trends that are set to make a splash this year in the design world and will soon make their way into your home.

Exotic African Style

The biggest trend - and a favourite of ours at Exhibit - was the Exotic African style. Beaded items, lush greens, and raw and wooden décor pieces were a big hit this year. The style has you dreaming of coming home to your safari lodge in South Africa, after absorbing the beautiful scenery and observing elusive wild animals.

Interesting, or shall we say "quirky" pieces were a plenty, but some of our favourite pieces were the animal statues. Usually dark in colour, they ranged from large floor standing rhino sculptures to table top equestrian heads, bookends and down to small beetle paper weights.

Exotic Prints, Colours & Combinations

Still huge in style were tropical prints. The lush greens are an instant uplift to create a rain forest oasis in your home. One difference this year was that the typical palm tree style has changed. Now we are talking about ancient ferns populated with colourful parrots and flowers, sometimes even sequined, like a stand out red sequined parrot on a cushion by one of our favourite suppliers C.A.M., who featured at The Retail Quarter.

This exotic style full of luscious greens pairs beautifully with the dark forestry wooden tones was present in abundance at the fair. The main colour tones to look out for are Walnut, Mahogany, Dark Oak and Black.

The best way to keep your exotic style modern is to pair this style with other materials that are commonly used today. One of our favourite pieces was a rich dark oak side table that would be perfect in a safari lodge but was topped with a plate of gold which gave this piece a fresh and modern aesthetic.

We are excited to see how this style adapts into the market and can not wait to see how you all add a touch of the wild and exotic into your home!

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